Your guide to Baltimore

Here's your guide to today’s Baltimore, rich with distinctive neighborhoods and a vibrant Inner Harbor scene, and a city with eye-catching sights, lively festivals, and beloved traditions.

Your guide to Baltimore

Today’s Baltimore is a vibrant community that honors the past while keeping a keen eye on the future. It's a city where you can see the largest public collection of Matisse in the world (for free!), sip a craft beer in the sanctuary of a converted church, and explore the art and culture of distinctive neighborhoods.

Take advantage of the things you can only do in Baltimore, from the eye-catching sights and lively festivals to the local food scene and beloved traditions. And take some time for the artists and creative spirits who embody the richness, boldness, and realness of the city.

The Inner Harbor alone offers the National Aquarium, where 20,000 sea animals reside in award-winning habitats, including a tropical rainforest and the Australian Outback. Or venture off the beaten path to hipster haven Hampden, a neighborhood loaded with interesting nooks and great shops and the inspiration for the iconic film Hairspray.

Your Guide to Baltimore

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