Whether it's your first or your fortieth Annual Gathering, here is some quick-reference information to ensure you make the most of everything.


Hospitality: This is a 24-hour area for fellowship and food. Several buffet-style meals are usually scheduled, a variety of snacks and beverages are available around-the-clock. This includes alcoholic beverages (see Alcohol). There are usually special tables for like-minded people to gather — watch for table signs such as “Politics Free,” “First Timers,” and “Quiet Zone.”

Programming: Detailed session listings are available via the event website — — the print program, and the event app. Note that the time and location of program sessions are subject to change; please consult the event app for the latest information or for alerts about programming changes.

Retail Sales: The Mensa Store is the official store for products at the AG.

Safety & Security: The Annual Gathering will be a friendly and safe environment for attendees and speakers. Please refer to the event code of conduct. Inappropriate physical contact, verbal abuse, or harassment will not be tolerated, and persons not in compliance may be removed from the event without a refund. Please note:

  • White Hats are volunteers wearing — you guessed it! — white hats and they are available 24 hours to help things run smoothly. If you feel uncomfortable about a situation, find a White Hat for assistance.
  • A first-aid kit is available in Registration for minor emergencies.
  • For serious emergencies, immediately dial 911 and report the exact location to the 911 dispatcher. After reporting to 911, use the house phone to report the emergency to the hotel operator.

Need something else? Check out the event FAQ or the event policies.