Book Nook

Hardcover, paperback and more! Book Nook tables are available for authors to sell their latest literary creations.

Book Nook


Any speaker for the AG that wishes to have a table to sell their books for a period longer than two hours prior/post their presentation may pay $25 per day, per table, and the table(s) must be located in the book selling area, not an area of their choosing. Speakers must sign up for the table(s) in advance as no sales or tables will be provided for on site.

Book Nook Rules

Upon registering for a table(s), the speaker agrees to the following conditions:

  • Speaker will only use table(s) they have rented and have been designated to them, even if other tables are empty.
  • Speaker may not bring in their own table(s).
  • Speaker may not move their rented table(s) to another area and may not sell their books in an area not designated for book sales.
  • Tables may not be rented for selling crafts, jewelry, hugs or anything other than books.

If the speaker fails to meet these conditions during the AG, they will be asked to remove their books completely and they will not be reimbursed. No one may use the book tables for anything other than reasons listed above. Persons using the book tables without signing up will be asked to vacate.