2021 Mensa Select Board Games Competition

Exclusively at World Gathering 2021: We’re bringing the fun and excitement of our annual Mind Games competition to Houston.

2021 Mensa Select Board Games Competition

Tabletop games are a prominent feature at many (okay, most) Mensa events, but like everything else about the 2021 World Gathering, we’re leaving ordinary behind.

You be the judge

We traditionally convene each year for a sleepless, caffeine-fueled 72 hours at the annual Mensa Mind Games event to judge the latest board, dice, and card games, awarding the top five with the coveted Mensa Select® seal. To our great dismay, we were forced to cancel Mind Games 2020 and 2021. We’re still holding the 2022 event in Portland, Maine, but canceling two years in a row has left us with more games than we honestly know what to do with, so we’re bringing a hearty selection of the latest titles for you to judge.

You’ll be handsomely rewarded for your efforts, of course, so stay tuned as we finalize the details of this one-time, World Gathering exclusive program.

Want to help out? Let us know if you’re interested in judging by filling out the form below.