Covid-19 Safeguards at the World Gathering

Our goal for the World Gathering is a safe and enjoyable event. To combat concerns over Covid-19, please adhere in the event space to the following protocols, which are based on Centers for Disease Control guidance, state and local regulations, and hotel policy.

Covid-19 Safeguards at the World Gathering

Updated Aug. 9

Event Mask Policy

In response to the current uptick in cases due to the Delta variant, face masks will be required in all program rooms and while moving around the Hospitality, Games, and Tournaments rooms. While seated at a table, masks may be removed to facilitate eating and drinking. Speakers may present their program unmasked provided they maintain at least 6 feet of distance between themselves and any attendees.

If Harris County falls below the threshold of substantial community transmission before the start of the event, the mask policy may be revisited.

Hotel Mask Policy

Fully vaccinated attendees are not required to wear masks in the hotel while outside of the event space. If you are unvaccinated, for whatever reason, you are strongly encouraged to wear a mask while indoors. Your mask protects you and is a sign of respect to all the children, immunocompromised, and others unable to be vaccinated.


In the Registration area, “I’ve been vaccinated” stickers will be provided to attendees who show printed or digital proof of full vaccination; the stickers are voluntary and are not necessary to participate in the event.

Hotel Housekeeping

At the hotel, housekeeping is performed on the fifth day of a stay lasting five days or more. If guests want their room serviced before that five-day window, they may request it by calling the front desk. Guests staying longer than five days may also forgo housekeeping service by request.


All meeting rooms will be cleaned and sanitized prior to the morning’s first use and during the lunch break. Hand sanitizer will be available outside of each meeting room, and wipes will be available on podiums for speakers to clean microphones and mouses.

Hospitality meals will be served by hotel staff. Snack stations will have disposable plastic gloves nearby, and attendees are expected to use these gloves when getting snacks.


Because vaccinations are not yet an option for Spark! attendees, there are specific Covid protocols (based on the CDC’s summer camp guidance) for all people entering that space:

  • Participants, presenters, and teachers must wear masks at all times.
  • Rooms will be cleaned and sanitized prior to the morning’s first use and during the lunch break. Teachers may supplement that cleaning as needed during the day.
  • Kids will receive hand sanitizer upon entering the Spark! area.
  • Kids should adhere to proper distancing guidelines: at least 3 feet between age cohorts and 6 feet between staff.

If you’re feeling sick

Important: If you feel sick with Covid symptoms, stay in or return to your hotel room and call (817) 523-1845, and someone will be in contact to assist you.

Covid Testing Sites

Covid-19 does not discriminate, but the unvaccinated, senior citizens, and people with underlying medical issues are especially vulnerable. If you sneeze or cough, we ask that you cover your nose and mouth and wash your hands afterward. There are several places relatively near the hotel that provide Covid-19 testing, including:

With your help, this event will be safe and enjoyable for all attendees, volunteers, and staff.