Hospitality & Dining

Hospitality at Annual Gathering 2018 runs 24-hours and will feature several buffet-style meals (four breakfasts and three lunches), snacks during all non-meal times, and a selection of beer and wine — all included with your registration.

Hospitality & Dining


Hospitality will officially open at 2 p.m. on Wednesday in Griffin Hall (on the second floor) and remain open 24 hours a day until 3 p.m. Sunday. In all, four breakfasts, three lunches, and lots of snacks will be available. Some tables near the food service lines will be reserved for those with mobility issues. Please respect their needs.

Hospitality will have a few special tables where like-minded people can gather. If you’re interested, look for signs such as “Quiet Zone, No Talking,” “Political-Free Zone,” “First-Timers,” etc.


Breakfast will be provided on Thursday through Sunday mornings from 7:30-9 a.m. There will be a variety of whole fresh fruit, assorted cold cereals, yogurt, breakfast breads and muffins, oatmeal with fixings, and scrambled eggs, along with coffee, tea, juices, and milk (whole, 1%, soy).

Lunch will be served Thursday through Saturday from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. in Hospitality.

Thursday: Hot dogs, veggie wraps, macaroni salad, corn bisque soup, spring mix salad with assorted toppings and dressings, brownies, and apple bars

Friday: Baked penne pasta with meat sauce and cheese or marinara sauce, pasta salad with Italian dressing, tomato basil soup, Caesar salad, and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies

Saturday: Hamburgers and veggie burgers with fixings, potato salad, minestrone soup, spring mix salad with assorted toppings and dressings, and a variety of dessert bars

Snacks: A variety of snacks will be available around the clock, and wine and beer will be served daily from 2 p.m. until “last call” at 2 a.m. In addition, a non-alcoholic beverage station will be open around the clock starting at 2 p.m. on Wednesday. Available beverages include coffee, tea (hot and cold), cold water, milk, soda, juices (a.m.), and lemonade (p.m.).

Friday Gala: In addition to the meals served in Hospitality each day, tickets are also available for Friday’s Gala Dinner with Dr. David Wolf. This is a ticketed event.

Sunday Brunch: Relive the week's excitement with friends and this extensive menu (not to mention one of life's greatest portmanteaus) before you set off for home. This is a ticketed event.


Alcohol: Wine and beer will be served by hotel personnel daily from 2 p.m. until “last call” at 2 a.m. No personal supplies of alcohol may be brought into Hospitality. Indiana laws state that no one under the age of 21 can be served or consume alcoholic beverages. Minors will have different name badges.

Hotel staff reserve the right to refuse to serve guests who appear to be underage and may request proof of age before serving. Also, if an underage guest is found in possession of alcohol, that beverage will be confiscated and the guest will have his or her registration revoked. In addition, guests who appear to be intoxicated may be refused service and/or asked to leave Hospitality.

Red and white wine will be available, as well as a domestic and craft beer. Non-alcoholic beverages will be available from 2 p.m. Wednesday until 3 p.m. Sunday. Available beverages will include coffee (regular and decaf), tea (hot and cold), cold water, milk, lemonade, juices, and soda.