Sponsored by the Mensa Foundation, Spark! comprises three days of structured programming for children ages 4-12, divided into age groups, enabling children to have their own AG experience. (Registration for Spark! must be completed in addition to AG registration.)

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General information

A representative from Clasical Music Indy shows children how musical scales sound on the flute

Spark! offers your kids the chance to have fun, build new friendships, and make lasting memories of their own time at the AG. Our Gifted Youth specialist — a licensed, background-checked staffer — brings in professional educators from various fields to present fun, interactive programs where kids have the chance to learn through new experiences and explore of a variety of topics and events.

Spark! registration is limited to 28 slots per age group each day, and registration is first-come/first-served. There is a non-refundable $10 per-child, per-day fee to attend any and/or all Spark! sessions. Should spots remain available, on-site Spark! registration will be $15 per day. Parents are expected to provide lunch for their child(ren).

Children must be dropped off before either the morning or afternoon sessions, and must be picked up for lunch at 11:50 a.m. Sessions will finish each day around 4:45, and children must be picked up by 5 p.m.

Note: If you wish for your child to attend all three days of Spark! programming, please ensure you have added each day selected on your registration before checkout. Any child registered in the wrong age group will be moved into the correct one or, if the proper age group is full, will be removed from the sessions and added to the wait list.

Session Descriptions

Artie 3000 — Join Mensan Mike Wimmer and our partners at Educational Insights as they present Artie 3000 — the coding art robot. Mike will lead the kids through a small group art project using Artie, which might be shared with the rest of Mensa in a common area.

Great Arizona Puppet Theater — We will make circus marionette puppets! These creative puppets are made of recycled materials and can take any animal form. We will perform circus tricks and dance to music with their string puppets at the end of the hour. The younger kids will make spoon puppets. We will draw on faces, glue on googley eyes, and dress their puppet up any way they like! They will also learn the basics of performing with their puppet by telling a short nursery rhyme at the end of the hour.

Phoenix Center for the Arts — Each class will do a warm up and stretching followed by learning a simple dance to music.

Phoenix Science Center — STEM Extravaganza from the Science on Wheels program. All day Friday, the Science center will have a rotation of STEM stations for all ages to enjoy.

Phoenix Youth Circus Arts — Children will have a well-rounded circus experience where they work in small groups and learn, through hands-on training, various forms of circus arts such as juggling, plate spinning, tumbling, and more.

Phoenix Zoo — Animals of the Wonderfully Weird: In the animal kingdom, nothing is quite as it seems. In this program we will meet commonly misunderstood animals as we discover: Is truth stranger than fiction? And then the kids will get to movin’ and groovin’: twist and shout, do-si-do, and turnabout! While we all love to rock and sway, animals like to move their way. Kids will find out interesting ways animals move their bodies and do the same with their bodies too.

Pointillism Drawing — David Ilan has established himself as a world-renowned artist. His career started almost two decades ago when the cast of Seinfeld posed for him. Over the years, celebrities from TV, movies, sports, and politics have personally posed for David’s portraits. He creates his drawings using only hand-drawn dots, a technique called pointillism. David will work with our children to help them create their own pointillism masterpieces!

Pueblo Grande Museum — During this program, children will learn about the unique cultural landscape of the ancestral Sonoran Desert people, known as the Hohokam culture by archaeologists. They will gain a greater appreciation for the ingenuity and skills of these first peoples, learn about a prehistoric village site known as Pueblo Grande, and discover the wonders of the science of archaeology.

South Mountain — Fun science learning about the Sonoran Desert and the mysteries within: From pollinators to crepuscular creatures, underground burrows to plants that bloom at night, there is so much to do and explore! We’ll discover how the sun is a powerful form of energy for all life in the Sonoran Desert, take a look at real animal artifacts, and engage in an active science discussion about what makes a desert a desert — and why the Sonoran, which surrounds us in Phoenix, is one of the most interesting of all!

Wildlife Zoo — We’re bringing the zoo to you! Wildlife World Zoo will be giving a presentation on several animals! Get an up-close look at some of our wonderful animal ambassadors and learn what makes each unique and fantastic.