Mr.* Mensa Pageant

A highlight event at each year’s Annual Gathering, the Mr. Mensa Pageant is equal parts prowess, parody, and pandering, proceeds from which directly benefit the Mensa Foundation.

Meet The Contestants

Mr.* Mensa Pageant

Mensan men — and now women, with our newly unveiled “Mr Mensa: Kings and Queens Edition” — hailing from an array of Local Groups across the country are cheered on by their fellow Annual Gathering attendees as they showcase their talents, brains, and physiques in a hilarious competitive pursuit for the crown, sash, and title of Mr./Ms. Mensa.

Our panel of judges comprises audience members selected at the start of the event. Judges assign scores to each contestant through the event’s sequence of competitive segments, including Sexy Legs, Talent, and Interview.

As a clever twist, the pageant’s judges have been known to accept comical bribes from contestants in exchange for favorable adjudication. Audience members are encouraged to bring their singles (and twenties), checkbooks, and plastic for the chance to nab a seat on the judging panel, as well as to bid on some very valuable items and experiences that will be up for auction during the show.

Also new this year: Candidates will be pre-fundraising, both to give them an edge in the competition — extra nods go to contestants who have raised serious cash! — and to give you rewards for donating! There are fun and exciting raffle items available for multiple donation tiers (e.g. $25, $50, $100), just to make this extra fun for everyone!

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