Misster Mensa Pagent & Fundraiser

A highlight event at each year’s Annual Gathering, the Misster Mensa Pageant is equal parts prowess, parody, and pandering, proceeds from which directly benefit the Mensa Foundation.

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Misster Mensa Pagent & Fundraiser

Mensans hailing from an array of Local Groups across the country are cheered on by their fellow M’s as they showcase their talents, brains, and physiques in a hilarious competitive pursuit for the crown, sash, and title of Misster Mensa.

Our panel of judges comprises audience members selected at the start of the event. Judges assign scores to each contestant through the event’s sequence of competitive segments, including Sexy Legs, Talent Showcase, and Personal Interview.

As a clever twist, judges have been known to accept comical bribes from contestants in exchange for favorable adjudication. Audience members are encouraged to bring their singles (and twenties), checkbooks, and plastic for the chance to nab a seat on the judging panel, as well as to bid on some very valuable items and experiences that will be up for auction during the show.

Candidates are encouraged to campaign for earmarked donations before the event, both to give them an edge in the competition — bonus points are added to contestants’ overall scores based on the amount of pre-event donations received — and to give donors a chance to win fun and exciting raffle items available. The coveted ”Audience Favorite” title goes to the contestant who raises the most funds during the pageant itself.

Meet the Contestants
Get to know this year’s contestants and why they decided to compete for the crown.

Nic Reynolds
North Texas Mensa

Howdy, I am Nic Reynolds. I’m in this to win it! I got my eye on the prize! (Fill this space with more clichés.) But in all seriousness, I am honored to be considered in this group for Misster Mensa 2021. Now let’s have some much needed fun & raise some money!

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Lauren Simpson
Denver Mensa

Hi, I’m Lauren. I am here because the kids need money, and I want to shamelessly recruit you for yours. Money is great! It buys cool things like “educational activities” and funds useful things like “scholarships.” Think about it: one of these kids might even be your surgeon one day, so isn’t it a good idea to make sure they can buy better equipment than a used game of Operation?

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Stan West
Greater Los Angeles Area Mensa

Hey everybody! My name is Stan and I want you — to give what you can to support the Mensa Foundation. I am a big believer in helping youth and have been interviewing low income applicants to my alma mater for over thirty years now. I also am a member of the Burning Man SIG and volunteer with the Center for Inquiry Investigations Group which provides the largest prize in the world ($250,000), for anyone who can demonstrate a paranormal ability under scientific testing conditions. I love reading sci-fi, super hero movies, and almost any kind of music. So, please consider supporting the Foundation and I look forward to seeing you in August!

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Paul Owen
Charlotte - Blue Ridge Mensa

SAVE OUR KIDS from the wanton lure of botanical carnality! YOUR support is NEEDED to ensure a better world for us ALL&hellp; so give GENEROUSLY, or our futures could be doomed!!!

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Steve McHale
Chicago Area Mensa

Thanks for taking the time to visit my page. I’d appreciate any size donation you could make for our Mr. Mensa competition and foundation to help our youth. “The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe.” — Bob Ross.

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Morgan Halvorsen
Metropolitan Washington Mensa

Hi, everybody! I’m Morgan, your friendly neighborhood Misster Mensa candidate! If I look familiar, it’s probably because you saw me participate last year; I’m back again for another shot at the title and the opportunity to raise money for a great cause.

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